All grantees are required participate in a Continuous Quality Improvement (CQI) exercise. For this exercise, Texas will utilize the Deming’s Plan, Do, Study, Act (PDSA) Cycle. A recorded training video of the Texas RPE-specific overview of the CQI & PDSA Approach is in the Training & Resources section below.

This process is intended to be completed within a short amount of time and is used for program improvement purposes only. Grantees will document their efforts using the required PDSA Template below. Grantees must complete one PDSA Cycle in Quarter 3. Directions for how to upload the PDSA Template will be embedded within the Performance Report (specific details provided below). Only the evaluation team will see your completed template. However, the evaluation team will provide the OAG with a list of grantees who completed a PDSA cycle and the PPPC Steering Committee with summarized, de-identified data regarding the PDSA cycles. The evaluation team will also facilitate online peer sharing with all grantees post-completion (date/time TBD).

Training and Resources

Specific Information Regarding PDSA Template Submission

The final question of the Quarterly Overview section in the Quarter 3 Quarterly Reporting System will include instructions for how to upload your completed template. You will be instructed to upload your completed PDSA Template via this link: Then you will select the appropriate response option from the following choices: (1) Template submitted via link or (2) Template NOT submitted (explain):. If you choose the second option then you need to provide an explanation as to why your template was not submitted. If you encounter technical difficulties with the provided link then please contact Catherine Catanach at for assistance.